Subdomain Takeovers

Subdomain Takeover

By Rohit Gautam
Subdomain Takeover

Summary : A Subdomain Takeover is defined as Subdomain takeover attacks are a class of security issues where an attacker is able to seize control of an organization’s subdomain via cloud services like AWS or Azure

Severity :   High  

POST Request : 

Complexity : Easy 

From : Remote / External

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Attacker finds the vulnerable subdomain (DANGLING DNS RECORD)
2. Attacker is able to claim the subdomain on the cloud service
3. Attacker is succesfully perfrom the Subdomain Takeover Attack

Impact : An Adversary can carry out Subdomain Takeover attack to claim the unclaimed subdomains from the target website and host malicious content on the claimed subdomains.
He can also perform Identity thefts by hosting malicious login pages etc..

Affected IP's : IP Address	Port	443

Recommendations : 
Fix all the broken links in the web application to any external resources.

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