Hacktify Certified Cyber Security Professional – HCCP

About the Certification

Our "Hacktify Certified Cyber Security Professional" certification is a comprehensive and meticulously designed program that immerses you in the world of ethical hacking, providing you with the tools, techniques, and mindset needed to become a skilled cybersecurity professional. In today's interconnected digital landscape, the security of data and systems is paramount. Ethical hacking is the art of proactively identifying vulnerabilities, assessing security, and fortifying defences. This certification takes you on a journey through the intricacies of ethical hacking, where you'll not only learn to think like a hacker but also gain the insights to defend against the most sophisticated cyber threats.

What will you learn?

"In this course, you will delve into a diverse range of topics essential to the world of ethical hacking. From mastering networking fundamentals and Linux basics to understanding cryptography, password cracking, and social engineering attacks, you'll gain a comprehensive skill set. Additionally, you'll explore email security, reconnaissance techniques, and the application of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity. By the end of the course, you'll be equipped to identify vulnerabilities, assess security, and defend against cyber threats. You'll also receive valuable career guidance, engaging in professional discussions that will set you on a path to a successful career in ethical hacking and information security."

  • Introduction
  • Networking
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Cryptography & Steganography
  • Password Cracking
  • Social Engineering Attacks
  • Email Security
  • Reconnaissance
  • ChatGPT for Cyber security
  • Beginners Roadmap
  • Profile Building, Career guidance, Group Discussion

Module 01

Introduction | 02 Hours

  • Types of Hackers
  • CIA Triad
  • Computing Hands on
  • Some Basic Terminologies
  • Setting Up your Hacking environment

Module 02

Networking | 04 Hours

  • What is IP address
  • Types of IP
  • What is MAC address
  • Ping, Traceroute, NSlookup, Dig
  • OSI Model
  • TCP/IP Model
  • TCP/UDP Protocols
  • Ports and Services such as SSH, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP,DHCP


Module 03

Linux Fundamentals | 04 Hours

  • Basic Linux Commands
  • Linux Booting Process
  • Linux Run Levels
  • Linux File Structure
  • Linux Permissions


Module 04

Cryptography & Steganography | 02 Hours

  • Symmetric Encryption
  • Asymmetric Encryption
  • Hashing
  • Encoding Decoding
  • Steganography and different types

Module 05

Password Cracking | 02 Hours

  • Wordlists
  • Creating Custom
  • Wordlists using Crunch
  • Hydra for Password Cracking

Module 06

Social Engineering Attacks | 02 Hours

  • Different Social Engineering Attacks
  • Phishing and Types with Practical
  • IDN Homograph Attack
  • Shellphish

Module 07

Email Security | 01 Hours

  • Email Spoofing
  • MxToolbox
  • Email Headers Analysis

Module 08

Reconnaissance | 03 Hours

  • Google Dorking
  • Subdomain Enumeration
  • Become Author of Google Dorks
  • OSINT Framework
  • Introduction to Bug Bounties
  • Sensitive Data Exposure
  • NCIIPC – Reporting

Module 09

ChatGPT for Cyber security | 02 Hours

  • Intro to AI
  • Subdomain Enum automation Making simple programs

Module 10

Beginners Roadmap | 02 Hours

  • Profile Building Career guidance Group Discussion

Exam – MCQ + Practical | 04 Hours

Our Instructor

Meet Our Expert Instructor

Rohit Gautam

Hacktify Certified Instructor

Winner of Cyber Security Samurai of Year 2023, Director at Hacktify, Principal Security Consultant, Adjunct Prof. at Mandsaur University.

Shifa Cyclewala

Hacktify Certified Instructor

Winner of Top 20 Women Influencers Cyber Security in India 2022. Winner of Top Women Influencer Cyber Security in India 2023 by Bsides Bangalore.

hacktify team

Hacktify Certified Instructor's

We are a team of passionate cybersecurity experts, hackers turned ethical defenders, and technology enthusiasts Blue Team Cyber Suraksha 2023 Indian Army 2021 (Sainya Ranakshetram) Hackathon by Karnataka Govt. 2020 CIT Hackathon 2022 Noob Army Vulncon 2020 Southern California Tech Summit 2021

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Foundation for Ethical Hacking: This course provides a solid introduction to ethical hacking, offering a comprehensive overview of the fundamental concepts that every aspiring ethical hacker needs to understand. It's the perfect starting point for beginners.

Networking Expertise: With an in-depth exploration of networking, including IP addressing, MAC addresses, and protocols like TCP/IP, students gain the knowledge and skills needed to understand network security vulnerabilities and how to protect against them.

Linux Proficiency: Linux is a crucial operating system in the world of cybersecurity. This course equips students with essential Linux skills, such as basic commands, file structure, and permissions, which are invaluable for ethical hackers.

Cryptography and Steganography: Understanding encryption and steganography is vital for securing data and identifying hidden threats. This course provides insights into symmetric and asymmetric encryption, hashing, encoding/decoding, and steganography techniques.

Password Cracking Techniques: Passwords are a primary point of vulnerability. Students learn how to crack passwords using wordlists and custom wordlists, making them proficient in identifying and mitigating password-related security issues.

Social Engineering Awareness: Social engineering attacks are a common tactic used by malicious hackers. This course covers different social engineering techniques, including phishing, IDN homograph attacks, and practical demonstrations, helping students become vigilant against such threats.