Indian Cyber ​​Defense Agency conducted the “Cyber Suraksha 2024” exercise between 20-24 May 2024. During the opening of the exercise, Chief of Defense Staff General Anil Chauhan affirmed the country’s commitment to enhancing its cyber capabilities.

The Goals of Cyber Suraksha 2024 Exercise

The main objectives of this exercise are:

  • To improve participants online protection methods and skills.
  • Share best practices to create a unified cyber defense strategy.
  • Promote cooperation and cooperation between different organizations.
  • It demonstrates the Indian Army’s commitment to national security in cyberspace.

Highlights of the Event

Cybersecurity experts from various federal and military agencies tested a simulated cyberwarfare campaign over five days. The goal of this exercise is to improve the defender’s real-world capabilities. The work consists of several categories, each with a specific role:

  • Blue Teams (Defenders): Charged with quickly and effectively identifying and handling cyber problems.
  • Red Teams (Attackers): These groups mimic actual attackers in an effort to find weaknesses and gauge how prepared the blue teams are.
  • Yellow Teams (Communication Hub): Maintained a smooth information flow and provided incident alerts to the blue team.
  • Green Teams (Technical Support): Offered blue and red teams technical support ensuring everyone had the resources they needed to succeed.
  • White Teams (Fair Play Monitors): Guaranteed compliance with the rules and upheld an even playing field.

This development strategy has exciting results that provide points for effective attack and defense. These models encourage participation and positive thinking.

Key Takeaways

  1. Strengthen cyber defense: By improving participants’ resources and processes, it provides a platform for sharing best practices and encourages the creation of a defense system relationship.
  2. Encouraging Cooperation: This time around, the importance of working together to build a strong cyber defense is emphasized.
  3. Strengthening Cooperation: The exercise promotes cooperation between leading military and civilian organizations, which is vital in combating new threats.
  4. Practical Engagement: Participants’ abilities are tested with simulated situations, ensuring that they gain in-depth knowledge and are effective in creating defences.
  5. Reacting to Cyber Threats: This exercise clearly demonstrated the importance of coordination and focus in combating cyber threats.

General Anil Chauhan, while appreciating the joint exercise, emphasized the urgent need for cooperation in cyberspace. He thanked those who contributed to the organization of such an important event and the participants.


Exercise ‘Cyber ​​Suraksha 2024’ proves India’s commitment to maintaining national security in cyberspace. This work laid a solid foundation for building a sustainable cybersecurity ecosystem by planning and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. This effort is vital to ensure that India is ready to face the challenges of the digital age as the digital landscape continues to evolve.

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